Your spot it reserved!  Thanks for joining us!

We’re looking forward to sharing a lot of what we’ve learned about growing businesses – particularly salons and day spas.

You’ll receive an e-mail reminder ahead of time, but here are the details to join the on-line workshop via Google Meet:


And lunch is really on us!  At the end of the workshop we’ll provide a feedback link.  If you’ll simply answer 3 questions about the workshop and let us know where to send your thank-you, we’ll be sending a $20 Grub Hub gift card as our thanks for joining us at the workshop.

We try to customize the material as much as possible based on our attendees, so if there is anything you’d like to make sure we cover please don’t hesitate to drop me a line ahead of time. You can e-mail me here.

And if you’ve got pressing matters you’d like to discuss specifically about your business, please feel free to schedule time with our team.  We can get right to it…

Steven Ludwig, Source Local Media

(615) 473-3379

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