Digital Marketing Strategy for Small & Medium Businesses

We have four primary types of clients.  What’s common among all of them is a desire to grow the business in focused ways, getting the most out of limited time, money, and expertise they have available.  While the exact marketing strategy is as unique as every client, our approach always considers the same fundamental steps for success.

Select which situation best matches your own and see how we are organized to best serve businesses like yours:

Below we’ve provided links to our best practices with regard to many of the most common digital marketing strategy topics about which clients us for advice.

Digital Marketing Services

We’ve efficiently packaged the most common digital marketing services into what we call Digital Basics — the minimum any business should be doing on-line.

Fractional CMO

When you know you can benefit from a Chief Marketing Officer, but aren’t ready to make the full commitment or simply can’t find the right candidate — our team functions as your Fractional CMO.  We bring experience and perspective to your C-level team.

Digital Marketing Stack

In this time of explosive technological advancement, everything is now a “stack.”  Whether you’re wondering what a Marketing Stack is, or you know you need one and you’re looking for the right partner, we offer solutions.  Our preferred foundation is Google Marketing Platform, and depending on your industry and situation we build from there.

Content Marketing

They say content is king, but we’re big believers that content is just the price of entry today.  Any Content Marketing strategy must now also consider the context of the messaging.  We’ve taken content marketing next-level.

Web Development

We recognized long ago that having a nimble team is critical to supporting small and medium businesses.  Our mobile-first, keep-it-simple approach to web development focuses on fast, lean, and functional.  We use WordPress and off-the-shelf technologies to save time and money, and get customers to the right information the fastest.  When budget is an issue, we place greater emphasis on back-end tracking, SEO , and function than gorgeous design; customers don’t generally care anymore.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, & Google Search Console

We’re data-driven people.  And it constantly amazes us how under-utilized tools like Google Analytics are, and not just with small businesses.  Understanding how prospects interact with the website can inform marketing strategy in profound ways.  And as Google rolls out the next generation of Analytics, it’s even more critical that your business be positioned to take advantage of this important tool.

Combined with essential (and free) products like Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console, this trio of offerings from Google, when appropriately applied to your business, can have a huge impact on the performance of your digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When Google knows you, it’ll show you.  At a base level, organic search is that simple.  But in practical application, Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is more complicated.  We’ve developed a simple, repeatable approach to SEO that helps Google know who you are, what you do, where you do it, and who your best prospects are — so it can find you more people like those people.

Digital Display Advertising

Once you’ve determined who you want to talk to, and what you want to say to them, figuring out how to reach them in a productive context where they can engage your brand and become an actionable lead becomes the next challenge.  Digital Display Advertising is one common tactic.  Our team is on the cutting edge of this technology, constantly making the latest, greatest tactics available to even the smallest of businesses.

Audience Re-Targeting & Search Re-Targeting

Past behavior can be a strong indicator of “in market” behavior among your best growth prospects.  Audience Re-Targeting is tactical advertising to people who have previously exhibited certain behaviors, such as visiting your website.  Search Re-Targeting is tactical advertising to people who have search important keywords and key phrases recently.


Location behavior can be a strong indicator of “in market” behavior among your best growth prospects.  Geo-Fencing is a tactical method of targeting advertising based on previously-exhibited location behavior, such as visiting a competitor, having recently moved to an area, or even where someone lives, works, or commutes every day.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When people search for what you do, it can often be good strategy to intervene in those searches to place paid advertising.  This most commonly happens on Google, Bing, and Amazon, and the process is called Search Engine Marketing, or SEM.  

E-Mail Marketing

Whether you’re using your in-house e-mail contacts or considering outbound e-mail marketing to growth prospects, well-crafted e-mail campaigns can be an important part of digital marketing strategy, and they often represent a cost-efficient way to reach a lot of people very quickly.

Social Media Marketing

As the number of new social media platforms keeps expanding and fickle users migrate from one to another, it’s difficult to know how social media advertising can play a role in your digital marketing strategy.  Please do us one favor and stop using the boost button — there’s a better way!

The Digital Footprint of Your Business

We define Digital Footprint as, essentially, the sum total of what can be found about your business on-line.  Every business has a Digital Footprint, but most don’t really have a handle on the overall health and wellbeing of it.  We tackle the “care and feeding” of your Digital Footprint.

On-Line Business Directories & Local Search

The modern-day version of the Yellow Pages has become core business directories like Google My Business, Bing Places, Apple Maps Connect, and Yelp!.  Depending on your business, you might also consider healthcare, restaurant, and travel directories as important, too.  Your approach to these directories can have a monster impact on how frequently your directory listings are shown in local search results.

On-Line Reputation & Reviews

The most common questions we’re asked about on-line reputation and reviews:  How do I get more reviews?  What do I do about a bad review?  How do review platforms decide which reviews to showcase?  Can people really say that about my business?  It’s one of the most emotional topics we discuss with clients.