Our Next Growth Marketing Boot Camp Begins September 11, 2024 – Get Details Here!
Our Next Growth Marketing Boot Camp Begins September 11, 2024– Get Details Here!

Break Free From Legacy TV

Follow Cord Cutters Where They've Gone Without Risking It All

You’ve Been Loyal to Legacy TV Advertising, But It’s Just Not Working Anymore

The Benefits of Making a Change Far Outweigh the Risks

You Should Not Feel Like Marketing is a Waste of Money

Linear TV (broadcast and cable) now reaches less than 50% of the total viewing audience; yet you’re now paying more for half as much as just a few years ago!  That’s not fair, and it explains why TV just isn’t delivering for you the way it has in the past.

Our 3-Point Plan to Reclaim Cord Cutters & Get Results

source-local-media Re-allocate 40% or more of your legacy TV budget
source-local-media Start with 3 digital video tactics, and track results
source-local-mediaMake adjustments and focus on what works best

You Deserve Marketing that Works as Hard as You Do

According to Nielsen, the TV ratings people, broadcast and cable now represent less than 50% of the total viewing audience. Yet, I'm sure your costs have gone up over 10 years ago (while the audience you're getting has dropped in HALF). You get half the audience at double the price, and lower results than you're used to -- not fair. Now's the time to break out of this cycle. Read More: Digital Transition for Linear TV Advertisers

Steven Ludwig


You've Got an Advantage You Might Not Even Realize

Your TV advertising has been building Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA). And TOMA doesn't disappear overnight. So you can make this transition with a lot less risk than you think!

You can follow cord cutters where they've gone and re-capture the results you've come to expect!


Here's How We Will Help You Increase Sales

Use our Bullseye Marketing System to find the most effective way to reach new customers. Rely on our team of experts for advice, guidance, and a strategy for beating your competition. With marketing that reaches your audience, get the sales you want to grow your business faster.

Break Free from Your Reliance on Legacy TV with a Free 30-Minute Phone Call

In this call we will:

  • Show you the plan we developed for advertisers like you
  • Do the math for your budget & ROI calculations
  • Lay out the plan to re-negotiate your legacy TV buys
  • Be completely transparent about how we make money
  • Answer any questions you have