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Digital Marketing Stack

Also Sometimes Referred to as Your Customer Data Platform, Your Digital Marketing Stack Has Become a Critical Foundation to Grow Any Business

Marketing is a fast-moving discipline these days.  Technology is disrupting long-held best practices, but in good ways that allow professional marketers to see so many more aspects of the customer acquisition funnel than ever, in real time, and make meaningful adjustments. This is accomplished with a series of software platforms many of us now commonly refer to as your Digital Marketing Stack.  In plain English, this is simply the collection of various software platforms that collect your website and digital footprint data, customer profiles and data regarding all your interactions with customers (including transaction data), and details about the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns — then put it all together in a meaningful way. Common components of the digital marketing stack include:

    • Analytics & Metrics Tracking
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Point Of Sale (POS)
    • Data Warehouse
    • Data Visualization
    • Advertising Platforms
    • Reporting Platforms

The digital marketing stack is not limited to these components, and in our experience often includes custom-coded scripts and applications to unify all data sources.  We also commonly employ third-party data sources to enhance our understanding of customer personas. Schedule a Free Marketing Consultation

We Commonly Recommend Google Marketing Platform for Analytics & Tracking

Google recently took many of its most commonly-used tools and integrating them into what it calls the Google Marketing Platform. Now popular products like Google AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager, and Google Search Console can be managed in a coordinated way.  Advertising on Google’s various ad networks can also now be scheduled on a single platform.  While this integration is in its early stages, we expect it to improve greatly over time. Utilizing these powerful tools from Google can be a daunting task.  That’s why we have experts trained by Google and third parties to be able to use these as the foundation of any good digital marketing stack.  Without a solid underlying analytics and tracking method in place, your digital marketing stack will fail.  Clear vision of your customer acquisition funnel is key to making our unique Bullseye Marketing Method successful. Given all the changes Google is implementing around its Google Marketing Platform, you may be experiencing frustration getting all these tools to think and act together.  We can help.

Connecting All Your Data Into a Single Warehouse is Critical to be Able to See Your Customer Relationships Clearly

A well-designed and implemented digital marketing stack gives any start-up, or small and medium business the same capability to drive growth as any major company today.  It levels the playing field.  Data is power.  The ability to capture, manipulate, and understand your data has had a profound effect on how we market any business in the technology age. Source Local Media has invested a lot of resources in training our people to understand:

    • Where to find all your data sources
    • How to integrate and visualize your data in meaningful ways
    • How to compare your performance to goal and industry average
    • How to build customer personas
    • How to target more people like your best customers
    • How to talk to and motivate your best prospects
    • How to reach your best prospects in the right context, so they can engage
    • When things are working, and not

And we’ve chosen people with the common sense to be metrics-driven, the audacity to think they can achieve your goals, and the drive to win.

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We Always Remember That Technology for Its Own Sake is a Mistake; Technology Used to Facilitate Efficient Execution of Sound Marketing Strategy Is the Point

Our founders spent decades in traditional marketing before making an intentional transition to digital marketing.  We are professional marketers with one foot firmly planted in sound marketing theory that drives all of our strategy, and the other foot firmly planted in technology that helps any small or medium business look, act, and execute like the big guys. Source Local Media starts with the growth goals of a business, builds sound strategy rooted in classical marketing theory, and just like a military special forces unit — uses technology as a “force multiplier” to make a small team have the impact of a much larger team. If you have questions about your digital marketing stack, or any other aspect of your marketing strategy, we’re here to help.

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