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Google Search Console

Why Google Search Console is Such an Important Foundation of Your Digital Marketing Stack

Google Search Console is a free product from Google that is an essential part of any company’s digital marketing stack. Many people hire a web developer to build a website, and assume that website builder will also do everything necessary in the background to make sure that website is findable by search engines.  In our experience, that’s almost never true.  Web developers build websites, and tend to focus on the parts you see when you visit the site.  However, much of what makes a website findable happens in the back-end of the website (the parts visitors don’t see), and it’s amazing to us how often developers completely ignore that aspect of building the website.  And since you’re not a web dev expert, you’ll never know it’s been ignored. What you will realize along the way, though, is that people are not finding your website often enough.   We are asked all the time, “Why doesn’t Google show my website when I type in “X” — after all, that’s our business — that’s what we do!?”  If you’re struggling with a question like that, we can help.

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How To Leverage Google Search Console for the Greatest Benefit to Your Business

If Google knows you, it will show you.  At a foundational level, it’s that simple.  Google Search Console is the primary tool for making sure Google knows you, has great confidence in the accuracy of what it knows about you, and shows you in more search results, more often. We use Google Search Console as an important tool in an overall Search Engine Optimization strategy for clients.  We make sure Google knows you, shows you, and connects you with more people who need your product or service. Google Search Console, in combination with Google Tag ManagerGoogle Analytics, and Google Data Studio — all of which have free versions appropriate for the vast majority of all businesses — are now all part of the Google Marketing Platform.  This is Google’s attempt to combine a lot of it’s most useful tools into under a single umbrella.  Over time, Google has said it will make these products integrate with each other more easily. Struggling to make full use of Google Search Console?  Frustrated that you’re not being shown in more search results?  Have questions about how it can help you grow your business?  We offer a free marketing consultation to answer your questions and identify your goals.

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