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We Help Small & Medium Businesses Develop Effective Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Social Media Advertising can be a useful tactic in some marketing strategies.  Many small business owners feel the need to advertise on social media.  But how do you know if it’s the best way to create new customers? First, let’s consider how many social media platforms offer advertising opportunities:

This list isn’t even exhaustive, despite it’s length.  But each of these platforms helps you target people with specific demographics, lifestyles, and interests.  Determining which platforms are right for you begins with understanding your customer personas.  For example, Facebook advertising may or may not be best if you’re trying to reach a younger audience.

If you’re confused about social media advertising or you’re just wondering if it can help you grow your business, we can help.  We offer a free initial marketing consultation.  By helping us understand how you want to grow your business, we can help you decide if social media advertising is right for you.

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How To Best Leverage Social Media Advertising to Grow Your Business

We will lay out our basic strategy for social media advertising here.  But first, just promise us you’ll stop using the BOOST button on Facebook and other platforms!  That’s often the most expensive, least targeted advertising you’ll ever do — and often results in an extremely high cost per engagement.  There are infinitely better ways to organize your advertising!  The boost button is convenient, but expensive. The old saying is, there’s good, fast, and cheap — and you only get to pick two. Working smarter is the best way to get the most out of Facebook advertising, or any other advertising you do on any social media platform.

Make Sure You Can Track Any Social Media Advertising You Place

We typically accomplish this with two primary tactics:  (1) Pixel tracking, and (2) UTM or other tagging. Most social media platforms offer tracking pixels.  We deploy these to know which visits to the website are driven by each campaign.  Combined with Google AnalyticsandGoogle Tag Manager, this allows us to know how far down our customer acquisition funnel each prospect goes. When tracking pixels aren’t available, we use a tagging process that communicates with Google Analytics to achieve the same goal.

Let Your Targeting Drive Your Choice of Social Media Platform

Begin with the end in mind.  Social media platforms have splintered to the point where it is becoming easier to match platforms with your customer personas.  We’ve had the greatest success on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Nextdoor for reaching consumers, and LinkedIn for business-to-business clients. In situations where video content is readily available, YouTube can also be very effective; particularly because YouTube is one of the largest search engines.  When potential customers commonly use YouTube to search “How To…” whatever you do, that’s a good marketing opportunity.

Strongly Consider Matching the Advertising & Content (Messaging) to the Platform You’re Using

Social Media Advertising often plays an important role in many of our content marketing strategies.  And it’s true because so much of social media is content-driven.  We commonly use themes like “how to” and “ultimate guide” on social media because these have proven to be more engaging. When properly organized, you can deploy test campaigns on multiple social media platforms and track the results to know which combinations of messaging and platform get the best results.

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