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Fractional CMO Services

Providing Start-Ups & Other Small & Medium Businesses with Affordable Access to Experienced Leadership & Expertise

Taking Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level for Less

When you’re not ready to make a commitment to a full-time CMO or building an in-house marketing department, Fractional CMO Services can be an affordable and effective way to take meaningful steps in that direction.  When you hire Source Local Media, you get full access to one of our senior strategists to lead your team.  You also get access to our entire line-up of in-house experts for each aspect of your strategy’s implementation, analysis, and optimization. For us, Fractional CMO Services fall into three common use cases:

    1. Start-Ups Not Ready for an In-House CMO & Team Yet
    2. Small Businesses Lacking an In-House Marketing Team
    3. Medium-Sized Businesses with a Marketing Director but No In-House Team

Fractional CMO Services for Start-Ups

Why hire a full-time CMO and put all your eggs in one basket when you can hire the entire Source Local Media team?  A senior member of our team joins your leadership team, backed by our entire team of experts. We work with you to build your marketing strategy, including detailed execution planning and budgeting.  We build your marketing stack, execute the strategy, monitor and report all the KPIs, and optimize your customer acquisition funnel using our unique Bullseye Marketing Method. For less than the cost of a full-time CMO, you acquire your entire marketing department.  That keeps costs low in early-stage start-ups without sacrificing productivity.  In fact, having an entire team at your disposal increases your likelihood of success. Creating meaningful traction in early-stage start-ups is critical to achieving ongoing financing goals and surviving to growth stage and beyond.  We are committed to helping you stretch your resources, gain that meaningful traction, and reach the next stage of your growth.

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Fractional CMO Services for Small Businesses

We work with a lot of small businesses who have reached the stage where they know they need dedicated marketing resources, but haven’t quite reached the stage where that leap of faith doesn’t also mean absorbing significant risk.  What if it doesn’t work? Our unique approach means a small business can access an entire team of experts, including a dedicated account manager who functions as a trusted part of your core management team.  Then add experts in everything from web development to management of your digital footprint and advertising operations, and the value keeps increasing. We bring tools to bear for your business in turnkey ways that focus your marketing strategy on your sales funnel(s) — visualizing them, tracking them, and using results to hone in your best marketing ROI with our unique Bullseye Marketing Method. Understanding small business economics has been a cornerstone of our success.  Our love of small businesses shows in everything we do.

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Fractional CMO Services for Medium-Sized Businesses

We also commonly talk with medium-sized businesses who have a Marketing Director, but no team around that leader.  It leaves the Marketing Director feeling the need to be a “jack of all trades” responsible for strategy and execution and reporting & analysis and optimization.  That’s an awful lot of hats for one person to wear!  It’s also a recipe for failure.  You burn out your marketing warrior, and you don’t hit your growth goals. But when you put an affordable team around your in-house leader, you suddenly spread out that responsibility — far more cost-efficiently than adding your own in-house team.  Often, that allows your Marketing Director to focus on strategy and optimization while our team executes the details, tracks what’s working and what’s not, and gives useful feedback and recommendations that can increase the likelihood you reach your goals more quickly and effectively. Our unique Bullseye Marketing Method is a structured way of approaching efforts to profitably and reliably generate actionable leads.  When our team applies that method in collaboration with your Marketing Director, good things start to happen. Owners and CEOs are often amazed at the progress their companies can make toward growth objectives when the marketing department becomes a real department; not just a lonely marketing warrior fighting a good fight.

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