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What Is the Digital Footprint of a Business?

We define the digital footprint of a business as everything potential customers can and should find about you on-line.

Every business HAS a digital footprint.  But not every business has clear visibility of its own footprint.

How Our Free Digital Footprint Audit Helps Your Business

There’s an old saying, “you can’t figure out where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.”  Our free digital footprint audit helps you know the trail you’ve left on the Internet, identifies what’s good and bad about it, and makes recommendations on how and where to start making improvements.

One of the cornerstones on which Source Local Media was built is a commitment to investing in our clients long before we ever ask them to invest in us.  We don’t believe any agency can do a great job for you if they don’t have this research; so we do it up-front as a sign of our commitment to you.

The Core Elements of Your Digital Footprint include:

  • Major Directories
  • Website & Search
  • Social Media & E-Mail
  • Reviews & Reputation

Our free digital footprint audit shows you the health and wellbeing of your business in each of these areas, and makes high-priority recommendations.

Real Analysis & Thoughtful Recommendations

What is ISN’T is a cheap algorithm we run that just hits on information readily available to any bot.  What IS it?  Our free digital footprint audit includes multiple reports that go deeper and require third-party subscriptions we go to the extra expense to provide.  It’s another way we invest in our clients long before they ever invest in us.

Another key difference is that one of our (human) digital marketing consultants reviews all the data and develops real, actionable recommendations.  Our goal is that no matter whether you end up working with us or not, you feel like you got valuable insight into how your digital footprint can contribute to better, faster, stronger growth for your business.