Our Next Growth Marketing Boot Camp Begins September 11, 2024 – Get Details Here!
Our Next Growth Marketing Boot Camp Begins September 11, 2024– Get Details Here!

We See Great Opportunity for Small & Medium Businesses

We live at a time of great opportunity for marketers, but also a time of great complexity. Our mission is to demystify digital marketing for small and medium businesses, and provide a logical, intentional strategy for success with our unique Bullseye Marketing MethodSM.

In short, our exclusive Bullseye Digital Marketing Method is designed to provide a structure for the first 90-120 days of your business’ marketing strategy. It begins with this simple formula:


Said another way, we work with clients to determine who we want to talk to, what we want to say to them (brand story), and we look for the best advertising contexts in which to tell your brand story. Then we track our prospects from initial contact, through engagement, and all the way to the sale. By focusing on tracking metrics, we can know exactly what’s working (and what’s not), and develop a formula for tracking return on investment (ROI).

We then develop an initial execution plan using the Bullseye Marketing Method that works like this:

  • During the FIRST 30 DAYS we test several of the most promising ideas to see what creates new customers most efficiently.
  • During the SECOND 30 DAYS we drop the duds and iterate with what’s working, focusing the budget on efficiency.
  • During the THIRD 30 DAYS we hone in on what worked best and make adjustments to optimize performance.

Sometimes is happens faster; sometimes it happens a little slower.

It All Starts With This Invitation

We welcome you to join us, either in-person or on-line at an upcoming workshop. And if you’d prefer a more private setting, we are always happy to accommodate.

Please join us. We look forward to learning more about you and your business, and share a bit about us.

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