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How Does My Website Stack Up Against My Competitors?

It’s hard to start building marketing plans without understanding your starting point.  Doing some basic research helps you know how you stack up.  Our free competitive website analysis takes a look at your site and the sites of your main competitors, and provides intel on things like:

  • Site Traffic Comparisons
  • Site Conversion Comparisons
  • Keywords & Search Rank (SEO)
  • User Behavior Flow (Your Site)
  • Google Friendliness Rating (Your Site)

One of the cornerstones on which Source Local Media was built is a commitment to investing in our clients long before we ever ask them to invest in us.  We don’t believe any agency can do a great job for you if they don’t have this research; so we do it up-front as a sign of our commitment to you.

How Do We Build a Plan to Out-Perform Our Competitors?

Our analysis helps reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your site versus your competitors, and makes high-priority recommendations for improvement.

What is ISN’T is a cheap algorithm we run that just hits on information readily available to any bot.  What IS it?  Our free competitive website analysis includes multiple reports that go deeper and require third-party subscriptions we go to the extra expense to provide.  It’s another way we invest in our clients long before they ever invest in us.

Another key difference is that one of our (human) digital marketing consultants reviews all the data and develops real, actionable recommendations.  Our goal is that no matter whether you end up working with us or not, you feel like you got valuable insight into how your website can contribute to better, faster, stronger growth for your business.

How Can Our Website Become a Tangible Contributor to Our Business Growth?

One of the most common areas where even the best websites can be improved is tracking and reporting.  That’s why we created our exclusive Google Friendliness Rating.  It tells you whether or not everything possible is being done to help Google know you and show you.

When business owners are frustrated with their website, it’s in large part because they don’t have much visibility of what’s happening on the website:

  • Who’s Visiting
  • How’d They Get There
  • What They Did
  • Outcomes

Our recommendations will help you know how your website is helping grow your business, and make the necessary changes to turn it into a vital part of your business that pulls its own weight and not only pays for itself, but gets you an ongoing ROI.