Our Next Growth Marketing Boot Camp Begins September 11, 2024 – Get Details Here!
Our Next Growth Marketing Boot Camp Begins September 11, 2024– Get Details Here!

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Google Marketing Platform

Why Google Marketing Platform is Such an Important Foundation of Your Digital Marketing Stack

Google Marketing Platform is a free product from Google that is an essential part of every digital marketing stack.  The free version works well for most start-ups and small-to-medium businesses.  The paid versions expand capabilities for enterprise users and those with massive web traffic.  Google recently created Marketing Platform by combining 7 existing products (so far):

Google has created the “360” designation for paid products designed for enterprise use.  We anticipate that more products will be added to Google Marketing Platform, but so far these have been the priority for Google. Who needs Google Marketing Platform?  Just about everyone. It’s a huge opportunity to gain significant marketing insight for your business and create integrations that save you time and money.  Sharing data in meaningful ways throughout your organization helps people understand what’s working, and what needs further improvement to meet the goals of the business.  Doing the same thing between Google products helps your entire strategy execute in smarter, more efficient ways. If you’re not using Google Marketing Platform and you’d like to be, but you’re finding it too difficult to get going, we can help.

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How To Leverage Google Marketing Platform for the Greatest Benefit to Your Business

By combining so many popular products under the umbrella of Marketing Platform, Google has begun a longer-term process of integrating tools so they work better together.  This is the early stage of that evolution, so navigating this with Google can be a challenge. A company like ours adds value by having a lot of experience getting Google tools to play nice together, and a good relationship with Google and third-party trainers who help us understand how to make the most of these changes. Some of the benefits we’re already seeing:

  • Fewer Steps Getting from Target Audience to Active Advertising Campaigns
  • Smarter Campaigns from Better Data Sharing
  • Easier Reporting & Analysis

If you’d like to explore how Google Marketing Platform can help you grow your business faster and more efficiently, we are willing to invest time to understand your goals and relate this to your strategy.

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