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Making the Same Strategies & Tactics Available to Small & Medium Businesses the Big Guys Use Against Us Every Day

In the earliest days of our company a over a decade ago, we sough to build a suite of Digital Marketing Services that was designed for small and medium businesses with limited time, money, and expertise.  Our goal was (and still is) to prioritize things that offer the most impact for the resources committed.  It has evolved over time, and continues to get better every day.  And while we’re always happy to customize anything we do to meet the unique needs of every client, we’ve also packaged the most common elements into our Digital Basics plans; each one designed to help you optimize the Digital Footprint of your business.

For us, Digital Marketing Services fall into three layers:

    1. Foundational Layer
    2. Tracking & Reporting Layer
    3. Active (Vs Passive) Lead Generation Layer

The Foundational Layer of Digital Marketing Services

Just like every house is built on a firm foundation, your Digital Footprint needs that same platform, on which you can build strategy and execute well.  There is a growing industry trend to refer to this, at least in part, as your “marketing stack.”  We think of it a bit more holistically than most, though.

The core elements of the foundational layer include:

The Tracking & Reporting Layer of Digital Marketing Services

Once you’ve laid your foundation, the key for success of any digital marketing strategy is the ability to see what’s happening, visualize the data in meaningful ways, and communicate reports for analysis.  That’s where your “marketing stack” expands to include tools for tracking and reporting.

The core elements of the tracking and reporting layer include:

These and other Google products mentioned here are now collectively referred to as Google Marketing Platform. We bring this platform and other tools to bear for your business in turnkey ways that focus your marketing strategy on your sales funnel(s) — visualizing them, tracking them, and using results to hone in your best marketing ROI with our unique Bullseye Marketing Method.

The Active Lead Generation Layer of Digital Marketing Services

Once the foundation is laid properly, and you’ve added the tracking and reporting layer, you’re now ready to start executing outbound strategies to create new prospects for your business.  These are most commonly measure in our system as “actionable leads.”

The core elements of the active lead generation layer include:

Our unique Bullseye Marketing Method is a structured way of approaching efforts to profitably and reliably generate actionable leads.

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