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Marketing Formula

Our Basic Marketing Formula Simplifies Strategy Development

No matter how complicated marketing feels, there is always a way to simplify it.  Our basic marketing formula has been developed over the last decade to help our team (and our clients) develop winning strategies.


Marketing Formula

Superior Targeting of High-Value Prospects

We put a lot of energy into understanding your existing customers as well as your ideal future customers to look for traits indicating high value and high likelihood to convert.

This frequently involves analyzing existing customer data.  Modern analytics can often find patterns and traits not obvious to the naked eye, and build look-a-like audiences.

The more we understand your target personas, the easier it is to isolate on them and fewer resources are wasted on the wrong prospects.

Connect Emotionally with the Best Messaging to Yield Movement

Marketing is still an art and a science.  And while targeting and reach have become very science-driven, messaging is still quite an art.  Yet, one of the most common mistakes in marketing is letting the messaging become an after-thought.

In fact, we think messaging from the very start.  Focusing on empathy and transparency, we find words and images that connect emotionally with your best prospects to not only attract attention, but evoke movement in the form of engagement that can lead to revenue.

For us, messaging goes far beyond the ads themselves.  It includes the landing pages and anything else the prospect will encounter along the path to a sale.

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Reach Your Best Prospects Where & When They Can Thoughtfully Absorb & Engage

Another common marketing mistake is buying the reach before any strategy is designed.  This is ready, fire, aim thinking.  But happens all the time.

We like a particular sales rep or platform, so we decide to “advertise” there without any real thought as to who we want to talk to, what we want to say to them, and how we’ll track the outcomes.

The goal is to determine reach LAST, only after you’ve considered where and when your prospect will be able to give you his or her attention, and be in a place (physically and mentally) where he or she can really absorb your message and, most importantly, take action.

Intentional Tracking of Results for Productive Analysis

Nothing is more frustrating than having to rely on guessing or anecdotal evidence to decide if any particular aspect of your marketing campaign worked, or didn’t work.

Today’s modern analytics give us the ability to clearly know what’s working.  Not just what’s getting attention and engagement, but what’s actually leading to revenue and growth for your business.

Re-Targeting Up to 12x for Maximum Conversion

Over the past few years, audience re-targeting has become a standard part of the formula.  Remember, our goal is to keep this formula SIMPLE.  So we didn’t just add this component for the sake of adding; data proves out that the point of diminishing return — namely, the point where it’s not worth pursuing prospects any further to get the optimal marketing ROI — is between 10-12 touches, on average.

Our Basic Marketing Formula Provides a Basis for Analysis & Optimization

We know enough to know that we don’t know exactly what’s going to work in any given situation.  That may sound like a crazy admission, but anyone who says otherwise is over-confident.

Our exclusive Bullseye Marketing Method is designed to provide a framework for finding what works and optimizing it over 3-4 months.  This formula offers the context for analysis and recommendations.

For example, if we’re getting a lot of engagement but low conversion rates — that often points to a weakness in the messaging.  If we’re getting high quality responses, but not enough of them, that often points to issues with the reach.  No response points us in the direction of targeting.

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