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Content Marketing

They Say “Content is King” But We Believe It’s More a Combination of Content & Context

Content Marketing is a hot topic for professional marketers.  In fact, the rapid growth of social media platforms Tik Tok and Twitch are probably the best proof that content is king.  But they also reinforce the idea that context — where and how you experience the content — especially as sunami of content is added to the Internet every day — which we refer to as context, is more and more important.  As we speak, YouTube is the 2nd-largest search engine on the planet, and undoubtedly the largest content trove that exists today. There is a lot than can be learned from this daily flood of new content.  And like everything else, there are great examples out there as well as colossal failures.

How Content Marketing Works

Our unique approach to developing effective content marketing strategies for clients can be visualized this way: content-marketing We start by determining the keywords and key phrases searchers type to find businesses like yours.  Then we create content designed to be the best, fastest result for those searches.  We build original, interesting, and engaging content that educates, builds your credibility, and creates urgency to take the next step in the sales journey. That content draws searchers into your customer acquisition funnel, turning them into actionable leads you can engage to convert into new customers. And since everything is tracked, we use our unique Bullseye Digital Marketing Method to analyze reporting (what’s working, what’s not working), look for ways to iterate the strategy for better results, and keep doing that to optimize your Marketing Return On Investment, or Marketing ROI.

Content Marketing Examples

Common examples of content any business can create include:

White Papers.  Educational content that helps people understand complex industries, services, or products better.  This also provides a platform to put your unique expertise on display for potential customers.

Q&A Articles.  When you can identify the most common questions new customers have during the sales process and pro-actively provide answers — especially from your unique perspective, pointing out your unique selling proposition — that drives your credibility up without hard sell.

How-To Guides.  Showing people how to do it themselves often reinforces that they’d rather have the services of a professional to make sure the project gets done right.  “How To” content marketing can also differentiate you.  For example, “How To Avoid” gives you a platform to talk about how you help customers avoid bad outcomes.

Infographics.  We’re very visual people these days.  Infographics help convey complex ideas more quickly, and original infographics that don’t exist anywhere else on-line can provide you with high domain authority with Google (that’s a good thing).

Videos.  Videos are the latest trend in content marketing.  Google, in particular, has shifted its focus to video content.  And people under 30 substantially prefer videos over written material.

Podcasts (Audio, Video).  Another big trend, podcasts offer the opportunity to go deep with analytical customers.  We find this a particularly good tactic for medical, financial, and other complex topics.

Photos.  A picture is still worth 1,000 words.  Original photos that illustrate concepts visually, in combination with guides, infographics, and certainly text content punch up the engagement and make it more effective.

Original Artwork.  Anything original has the potential to add significant domain authority with Google and other search engines like YouTube, Amazon, etc.  It’s very hard to execute content marketing well with re-purposed content.

Typical questions we are asked about content marketing strategies may match up with questions you have on the subject.  How much content do we need to create?  What types of content are best for us?  What content platforms should we be using?

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