Our Next Growth Marketing Boot Camp Begins September 11, 2024 – Get Details Here!
Our Next Growth Marketing Boot Camp Begins September 11, 2024– Get Details Here!

Break Free from Your Reliance on Traditional Search Ads

Reduce Lead Costs by Up to 90% By Making a Switch Google Wants You to Make Anyway

You’re in a Trap Where Costs Just Keep Going Up as You Bid Against Competitors

Make a Switch Google Wants You to Make Anyway, & Gain a Real Advantage Over the Competition

You Should Not Feel Like Marketing is a Waste of Money

Traditional search ads put you in a trap where you having to keep outbidding your competitors for leads.  You keep paying more and more, and Google is the only one who wins.  But there’s a new way to let Google find you leads, and those who embrace it see big savings!

Our 3-Point Plan to Lower Lead Costs Dramatically

source-local-media Re-allocate 20% of your search budget
source-local-media Make the switch to Google Performance Max
source-local-mediaAfter 4-6 weeks, reverse the 80/20 budget split

You Deserve Marketing that Works as Hard as You Do

Every few years, an opportunity comes along to get our clients a really tangible results improvement quickly. This is one of those times!

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Steven Ludwig


This is a Rare Opportunity to Get Ahead of Your Competition & They Won't Even Know How You're Doing It

Google has launched Performance Max, an AI-driven replacement for search ads that finds your best prospects across the entire Google platform (search, YouTube, Discover, Gmail, etc.) and saves you money in the process!

You can break loose from the shackles of traditional search ads, get cheaper leads, and grow faster than your competition!

Monitoring Your Digital Footprint

Here's How We Will Help You Increase Sales

Use our Bullseye Marketing System to find the most effective way to reach new customers. Rely on our team of experts for advice, guidance, and a strategy for beating your competition. With marketing that reaches your audience, get the sales you want to grow your business faster.

Break Free from Your Reliance on Traditional Search Ads with a Free 30-Minute Phone Call

In this call we will:

  • Show you the plan we developed for advertisers like you
  • Do the math for your budget & ROI calculations
  • Lay out the plan to launch Google Performance Max
  • Be completely transparent about how we make money
  • Answer any questions you have