How Google Discover May Impact Content Marketing

Google's New Attempt to Eliminate the Search & Just Anticipate Your Interests


We’ve been watching Google Discover, a new offering from Google, with great curiosity.  Combined with Google Web Stories, the successor to AMP, it’s a powerful combination for content marketers like us.

But will people allow Google to simply anticipate their interests and feed them content?  Can we really do away with “searching” altogether?

Google Discover Has Huge Implications for Content Marketing

Yoast, the SEO tools company with whom we frequently partner, recently posted a thorough explanation of Google Discover, which we highly-recommend reading.

In that well-written overview, Yoast talks about Google’s intent to move from “strings to things.”  Essentially, Google wants to avoid users typing in search queries, and simply anticipate what content will be relevant in each moment. Lofty…

Google Discover will show content to users in a feed, from which they can select what interests them.

How To Begin Experimenting

As content marketers, we immediately asked the question, “How do we get our content into these feeds?”  Great question.

Here is Google’s official instructions on how to get your content on Google Discover.  It’s a lot like signing up for Google News, actually…

Make sure your analytics tracking is set up to clearly identify traffic generated by Google Discover.  This may take some testing and tweaking.

You’ll also be able to track your performance in Google Search Console.

Discover is Placing an Emphasis on Mobile

Discover is all about the mobile environment.  So it’s also an opportunity to learn about yet another new feature, Google Web Stories.  Here, again, Yoast has an excellent “how to” explanation of Google Web Stories.

Google Web Stories Make Your Content More Mobile-Friendly

Web Stories is the next generation of what was previously referred to by Google as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).  As the Internet, and particularly mobile operating systems, advance — Google is responding with new formats such as this.

Great content is only great content IF, and ONLY IF it’s easy to:

  • Find
  • Consume
  • Share

Google Web Stories is one tool available to score high in this regard.  And Google Discover seems to be favoring content that’s in this format.

Need Help With This?

Mastering tools and tactics like Google Discover and Google Web Stories gives you an edge over competitors, whose content won’t be as Google-friendly.

If you feel like this is a great opportunity for business and you’d like to discuss practical ways to leverage Google features like Discover and Web Stories, schedule some time with us.

We always offer free initial marketing consultation, and we invest in our clients long before you invest in us.  Share your goals with us and we’ll put content marketing experts to work on solutions.


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