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Comprehensive Marketing Plans

Choose from 3 Comprehensive Marketing Plans

Many of our customers seeking a comprehensive marketing strategy fall into 1 of 3 categories and budget ranges, so we’ve packaged the most common needs customers have into 3 comprehensive marketing plans:

Plan Basics PLUS MAX
Website Included Included Included
Social Media Included Included Included
Digital Footprint Included Included Included
Search Engine Optimization Basic Advanced Advanced
Search Engine Marketing Included Included Included
Content Marketing Basic Advanced Advanced
Digital Advertising Impressions Min 200,000 Min 500,000 Min 750,000
Reporting, Analysis, & Optimization Included Included Included
Monthly Budget $ 6,000 $ 9,000 $ 12,000


Of course, you can always customize and get exactly what you feel you need.  Just request a free initial marketing consultation with our team, and we’ll build a comprehensive marketing strategy just for you.

How Our Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Works

All of our strategies begin with a complete understanding of what grows your business profitably.  We look at:

  • Your New Customer Journey
  • Who Your Best Potential Customers Are (TARGETING)
  • What Communication Motivates Them to Engage (MESSAGING)
  • How Much You Should Invest in Actionable Leads to Generate Positive Marketing ROI (REACH)

It’s all based on our Basic Marketing Formula.

Then we follow a structured path to make your comprehensive marketing plans profitable.  We call it our Bullseye Digital Marketing Method.  Put simply, it’s a method of refining the strategy over the first 90-120 days so that you’re getting the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

Why It’s Worth Your Time & Attention

comprehensive-marketing-strategyIt Uses Proven Tactics, But It’s Totally Custom.  No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all execution happens.  We know every business is different, and just because you’re in a certain industry doesn’t mean your business works like all the others.  We use proven methods, but we don’t assume that just because something works in one circumstance that it’ll work everywhere else.  In fact, we acknowledge that it doesn’t…

It’s Truly Accountable.  We’re accountable for results.  We want you to stay with us because we’re making you money; not because you’re “under contract.”  Our unique Bullseye Method was developed so that we show you the structure we’re going to follow, and we report our progress along the way.  You know what’s working, what’s not, and what we’re doing to make it all work best to get you the best ROI.

For the Cost of a Single Professional Marketer, You Get an Entire Team.  We want you to feel like an army of marketers is backing you up every day; because that’s the truth.  Our leadership team is made up of career marketing professionals, and we use in-house, dedicated professionals for everything that happens in your comprehensive marketing plan.

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