Take Back Control of Your Marketing & Your Business

Our Digital Marketing Boot Camp transforms a little of your time & money into the transformation you know you need but haven't achieved on your own yet. Our latest Camp starts September 11! See the schedule and details here.

Boot Camp gives you the structure, analysis, tools, & help you need to get real, tangible results with full accountability -- & fall back in love with your business again.

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Feeling Frustrated? You're Not Alone

Marketing, let alone just running a business, has gotten much more complicated. It's no longer one of the many hats you can wear all by yourself.

You need a plan -- with the people and technology to execute that plan successfully -- to make any real impact.

Boot Camp gives you all the tools, and it's guaranteed to make a difference!

Call us with questions: 615-237-8600. See all the details here.

Make the Effort & Boot Camp Will Pay Off

Boot Camp is an investment of 2 hours a week for 8 weeks -- a working lunch every Wednesday. The $8,000 fee includes 2 seats, and you can include more team members for $900 each. Review all the details here.

You leave each Boot Camp session with real analysis of your business, and the Boot Camp staff delivers another piece of your new marketing strategy before the next session.

By the end of Boot Camp, you've got the plan, the people, and the technology you need to keep real, tangible growth going -- and you'll have true confidence in the decisions you're making!

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We Teach You How To Get The Most From Your Marketing Resources

You've probably already wasted a lot more than $8,000 on things that didn't work! With our Unique Bullseye Marketing Method, we show you how to find new customers and tell your story to them in a meaningful way.  See the weekly Boot Camp topics and deliverables. 

We work with you to thoroughly understand your goals and objectives.  From there we develop a customized plan based on where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

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Participation in Boot Camp is Limited

Marketing requires a strategy and a plan. And you've got to have a partner who brings the expertise you lack. We back our Boot Camp with real accountability, and our team delivers you analysis and planning you can't do alone.

If you feel frustrated and wonder why your business isn't growing like you expect, perhaps marketing is holding you back.  By investing in this 8 week boot camp, you will:

  • Learn WHY you are failing
  • Become more confident you have a strategy for success going forward
  • Build a relationship with a team that can partner for success
  • Make the REAL progress that's eluded you

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Boot Camp Partners

Sten Morgan, CFP is author of the book Wish I Knew That Sooner, and is a principal at Legacy Financial Planning. His firm specializes in helping business owners build creative and effective financial strategies.

Chad Connery, Founder of Peak Business Advising and PEAK Capital, is a Growth Drive Certified Specialist helping CEOs drive profit and value.

Steven Ludwig has been a professional marketer for nearly 3 decades, and is the author of "How To Be a Badass Small Business Marketer." He is a serial entrepreneur, and the Founder of Source Local Media.

5 Way To Connect- All Free and Without Further Obligation

Join a Free Local Marketing Workshop

Investing in Our Clients Before They Invest In Us

We frequently host free on-line and in-person digital marketing workshops where we share best practices and offer case studies from actual clients. It’s our way of investing in you before you invest with us; and if you don’t end up working with us, at least we both got fair value for our efforts. These workshops explore the concept of your business’ “digital footprint,” which we define simply as the sum total of what can be found about your business on-line, your business’ ability to see how people are interacting with it on-line, and how that is translating into new business. We also invest time in a thorough needs analysis and audit of your digital footprint before we ever make any specific proposals. We have found this grows stronger, more effective relationships with clients, produced better overall results, and made us and our clients more successful over time.

We currently do not have any workshops scheduled.  We encourage you to watch the video below as an example of the kinds of topics we cover.  If you’d like to learn more, please contact us and let’s start a conversation.

It All Starts With This Invitation

We welcome you to join us, either in-person or on-line at an upcoming workshop. And if you’d prefer a more private setting, we are always happy to accommodate. Check back here for schedule updates.

We look forward to learning more about you and your business, and share a bit about us.

Learn About The 5 Keys to Simplifying Digital Marketing

We Demystify the Complexities of Digital Marketing One of the core principles of our company is investing in our clients before they invest in us. We do this by inviting you to share lunch with us and share our own best practices with you, including some case studies from actual customers. Many of the ideas we share can be done yourself, sometimes for free. We introduce the concept of “digital footprint,” and share the minimum every business should be doing on-line. Your digital footprint is, quite simply, the sum total of what can be found about you on-line, how potential customers interact with you on-line, and your ability to see and understand it all.

Learn How To Become A Badass Digital Marketer

We Share the Foundations of Our Unique Bullseye Marketing Method Our unique Bullseye Marketing Method is based on this simple formula:


We explain how to target your best customer prospects, how to build and communicate a meaningful brand story, and how to determine the best context for your advertising to tell that story. We also explore the critical importance of metrics tracking, how to do it, and how to let it drive your marketing success.