Join a Free Local Marketing Workshop

Investing in Our Clients Before They Invest In Us

We frequently host free on-line and in-person digital marketing workshops where we share best practices and offer case studies from actual clients. It’s our way of investing in you before you invest with us; and if you don’t end up working with us, at least we both got fair value for our efforts.

These workshops explore the concept of your business’ “digital footprint,” which we define simply as the sum total of what can be found about your business on-line, your business’ ability to see how people are interacting with it on-line, and how that is translating into new business.

We also invest time in a thorough needs analysis and audit of your digital footprint before we ever make any specific proposals. We have found this grows stronger, more effective relationships with clients, produced better overall results, and made us and our clients more successful over time.

It All Starts With This Invitation

We welcome you to join us, either in-person or on-line at an upcoming workshop. And if you’d prefer a more private setting, we are always happy to accommodate.

Please join us. We look forward to learning more about you and your business, and share a bit about us.