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Pinterest Advertising

Why Pinterest Advertising Can Help You Grow Your Business

Pinterest is a social media platform popular with people interested in hobbies like gardening, cooking, home decorating, holiday and party themes, fashion, and beauty.  The user base is largely women with a wide age range.  Users can “pin” images, videos, recipes, and articles — creating themed “boards.”

Advertisers have flocked to this platform because it tends to be popular for product research in the early stages of the buying cycle.  Brands can make potential buyers aware of their products and services in a high-quality context with a lot of credibility and authority.

Here are some common ways to implement Pinterest advertising:

    • Promoted Pins
    • One-Tap Pins
    • Promoted Carousels
    • Promoted Video Pins
    • Promoted App Pins
    • Buyable Pins
    • Story Pins

The wide range of ad formats means you can choose the ad type that best meets your specific advertising goal, such as gaining followers, promoting specific content, or connecting customers with opportunities to buy from you on-line.  Each ad format has a selection of call-to-action choices that make it easy for customers to engage.

If you’re not using Pinterest advertising and you’d like to be, but you’re finding it too difficult to get going, we will help you set it up.  We offer a free initial marketing consultation to help you decide if it’s right for you.  It also helps us get to know you and your business, and understand your growth goals.

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How To Leverage Pinterest Advertising for the Greatest Benefit to Your Business

Maybe you’ve experimented with the content boost button or taken some initial steps toward advertising on Pinterest.  Or maybe it’s completely foreign to you.

Either way, you’ve probably realized that to make it work effectively and at a cost that allows you to make a reasonable return on your investment, you need an expert.  The Pinterest marketing platform has tremendous capabilities, and when properly utilized — in concert with making sure your website is ready to engage potential customers for maximum conversion — you can grow your business with Pinterest advertising.

Our basic marketing formula still applies:


And our unique Bullseye Marketing Method is designed to help you:

    1. Test Plausible Methods of Pinterest Advertising
    2. Drop Unproductive Tactics & Double Down on What’s Working
    3. Refine What’s Working for Ongoing Positive ROI

Struggling to make full use of Pinterest advertising?  Have questions about how it can help you grow your business?  We offer a free marketing consultation to answer your questions and identify your goals.


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