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Unlock Exponential Growth in New Customer Leads
A Better Marketing Mousetrap
Great advertising generates actionable leads less than 5% of the time.  And while that often provides the basis for strong marketing ROI, we always wondered how to know who didn’t convert.  Turns out, you can identify closer to 65% of prospects looking for a business like yours if you just listen close enough.
Whether you’re selling B2B or D2C, Real Time Leads creates 6-8x more actionable leads and can even automate your initial response to filter out the best, most productive leads and convert them into new customers.
Being a Great Listener Pays Off
Our tech folks have always been able to target advertising based on search history, location, and other great indicators that help you narrow your focus on high-value customer prospects.  But this is next-level…
We basically listen to the entire Internet, noisy as that sounds.  And we can pick out devices that are searching relevant terms (keywords and phrases people search when they’re looking for what you do) or visiting relevant websites (like your competitors).
They plugged this into that, connected some dots, and — poof — we started matching the devices people were using with their identities and contact information.  It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but about two-thirds of the time it does.  And that’s huge.
Time is Money
But all these customer leads are useless if you don’t have a way to communicate with them quickly, and in a meaningful way that doesn’t seem too creepy.  So we sent the tech folks back to their closet and said, “Make it do the initial outreach, too.”  They did.
After all, not everyone has a vast sales team just standing by on the off chance a lead will pop up; and isn’t it more efficient to let a well-crafted (but automatic) touch point do some of the initial sorting, so that you and your team can focus on the highest-value prospects?
How It Works
Real Time Leads is totally customizable to your business and how you create new customers.  It can feed leads directly to your sales team, or do a lot of the initial selling for you.
1.  Decide Where to Listen.  Pick keywords/phrases and/or websites you want to listen in on, and set any other important criteria (commonly geography, but there are a lot of other options).
2.  Plan Your Follow-Up Contact.  What happens when Real Time Leads makes a match?  Options include:
  • Adding it to your CRM/sales funnel
  • Automatically print/send a snail mail postcard or other materials
  • Automatically send a text
  • Automatically send a robocall (only recommended in very rare situations)
  • Automatically send an e-mail
  • Target these leads for other advertising (display, social media, etc.)
These elements can be combined into a marketing automation sequence that fosters each lead, designed to engage potential customers and convert them to the next stage of the sales process (where you get directly involved).
3.  Execute.  Analyze.  Tweak.  Optimize.  Once we’ve customized the Real Time Leads process for you, we get it started within about 2 weeks.  From there, we monitor key performance metrics and make adjustments until everyone’s happy with it.
What’s the Budget?
Real Time Leads fits into almost any budget.  And since every business and every budget is different, we’ve made it very scalable.  You’re in total control over how much you invest in leads.
Base Plan.  Real Time Leads generates your first 500 leads every month for only $750.  This base plan also includes marketing automation follow-ups like text and e-mail, and we’ll automate how these leads get into your own internal systems.
You also get detailed reporting, with a real-time dashboard so you can follow the progress.  And our team analyzes performance regularly, making adjustments to make sure the matches are progressing through the customer journey to create new customers and make it a great investment in growing your business.
Want More Leads?  The more leads you buy, the cheaper your lead cost gets:
Next 1,000           99 cents each
Next 1,000           89 cents each
Even More           79 cents each
Other Add-Ons.  Because snail mail follow-ups are totally custom, we need to quote that special.  But just know we can assist with all aspects of that — from design, printing, and mailing.
How To Get Started
Let’s chat and figure out if Real Time Leads can add a lot of value to what you’re already doing.  We invest in you long before you invest in us.  We’ll take the time to get to know you and your business, and if Real Time Leads is right — we’ll help you map out the strategy and get rolling.