Tik Tok Going Away? Um, No

When Does the Tik Tok Ban Go Into Effect? Probably Never. Why the Creator Community & Advertisers Shouldn't Worry about Tik Tok Going Away...


Tik Tok Going Away Soon?  Um, No.

Congress recently passed legislation that’s effectively a Tik Tok ban in the US unless its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, divests it within a year.  Tik Tok recently filed a lawsuit seeking to have the law deemed unconstitutional.  So it Tik Tok going away?  Or not?  We think not.

Whether you’re in favor of or against Tik Tok going away, it’s important to understand what’s most likely to really happen.

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The law isn’t really an outright Tik Tok ban.  It’s merely a ban on Chinese ownership of Tik Tok.

It’s also going to be tied up in court for well beyond that one year timeframe established in the law.  Tik Tok going away is unlikely.  Ever.


Should Content Creators Be Worried About a Tik Tok Ban Going Into Effect Soon?

If you make part or all of your living creating Tik Tok content, should you be worried about a Tik Tok ban going into effect anytime soon?

Here’s why we’re not believers that Tik Tok going away is likely:

  • Even if all efforts to invalidate the law in court fail, ByteDance will simply sell Tik Tok rather than lose the immense value of the platform
  • It’s likely to be years before this works its way through the courts


Should Advertisers Be Worried?  Will the Tik Tok Lawsuit Keep Advertising Available in the Meantime?

For many advertisers, Tik Tok has become a significant line item in the budget.  Should we be worried that this advertising platform will be blocked anytime soon, should a Tik Tok ban go into effect?

Here’s why we’re not believers that advertising on Tik Tok going away is likely:

  • In a worst-case scenario, Tik Tok will be sold to (likely) a US buyer (in order to satisfy the foreign ownership stipulated in the legislation)
  • Any buyer will certainly seek to avoid any radical changes as part of that transition
  • It’s reasonable to assume that creators, users, and advertisers will see little or no difference immediately upon a sale


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How Would Tik Tok Going Away Change Your Advertising Strategy?

As we’ve already concluded, this just isn’t something advertisers need to worry about anytime soon.  But maybe you’ve been thinking about adding Tik Tok to your media plan and the Tik Tok ban has made you think twice.

We’re of a mind that if Tik Tok is a viable channel for you to reach your best prospects with your advertising, you should move forward.

If you’d like our experts to weigh in on your internal debate, we’ll be happy to share our best practices for advertising on Tik Tok as part of a free initial marketing consultation.  It’s one of the ways we invest in potential new clients long before they invest in us.  Just schedule your free consultation and let us know Tik Tok is a topic you’d like to discuss.  We’ll make sure the right people are on the call so you make the best use of your time.

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