Digital Marketing: Turning Flops Into Good Fortune

Modern Marketing is All About Failing Your Way to Marketing Success


Marketing Flops Happen

If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.  That’s how the saying goes…

Gizmodo recently published an article about marketing flops on display at the Museum of Failure, including New Coke, Google Glass, the Delorean, and plenty of other famous flops.

Failure is OK, as Long as You Learn from It

As professional marketers, failure comes with the territory.  Despite all the tech giving us new tools and strategies, marketing is still — at is essence — more art than science.  Granted, the science is getting awesome!  But the art is still in how you use the science.  And marketing is a classic “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” experience.

In fact, we recognized many years ago that failure is absolutely essential to finding marketing success.  So much so that we created our Bullseye Marketing Method as a structured way to fail in measured ways, learn from it, and get better and better to the point where success naturally evolves out of those early failures.

3 Reasons Advertising Fails & How to Avoid Them

We recently recorded one of our latest workshops, 3 Reasons Advertising Fails & How to Avoid Them, and talked more about how to turn marketing failures into marketing success.

Marketing Success

We’re Here to Help

Often business owners give up on marketing right on the precipice of success.  And they’re more likely to give up when they feel all alone in their decision making.

And if the prospect of investing in better management of your marketing and growth is scary, here is how we think differently about that…

We invest in you long before you ever invest in us.  How?  We offer a free initial consultation that helps us understand you and your business, and gives us a chance to get “caught up” to what you’ve been doing, the results (or lack thereof), and determine what impact we could have that would fundamentally change your business for the better.

And only after you know us and we know you, do we determine any specific proposals to help you.  And there’s no obligation.  We take the up-front risk, not you.  Your only investment is time; time to help us help you.

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Steven Ludwig
After 3 decades as a professional marketer, serial entrepreneur and business consultant Steven Ludwig shares his best practices for small business marketing for owners, managers, and marketers with limited time, money, and expertise. Steven started his professional marketing career in broadcasting in the early ‘90s in Chicago after attending Valparaiso University. After a brief stint at an advertising agency specializing in entertainment and sports marketing where he worked with radio and television stations, movie theatre companies, record labels, musicians, and professional sports teams, he moved to Nashville to form The Marketing Group with his long-time business partner, Jim Wood. Having worked with some of the largest brands in the world, in 2010 he returned to local marketing primarily out of an interest and excitement for working with small business owners to build stronger companies. That desire comes out of early days in radio, where he worked closely with everything from car dealerships to restaurants, insurance and real estate agents, banks, home services companies, and specialty retailers of all kinds. Over the past decade, he has been on the bleeding edge of digital marketing technology, constantly seeking to understand complex strategies employed by giant corporations and then translate those capabilities into tactics small businesses can execute at a local level. Today, in addition to other business ventures with his wife and other long-time business partners, he still lives outside Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee and currently serves as Executive Chairman of EmpowerLocal, a digital marketing company building a nationwide network of digital, hyperlocal news and lifestyle publishers to provide efficient advertising opportunities for local, regional, and national brands.


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