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Source Local Media’s Local Marketing Blog Explores Topics of Web Development from the Perspective of Small & Medium Businesses, especially those using the WordPress platform.

It’s becoming more and more rare that we meet a small business owner who loves his or her website and can’t live without it.  In fact, most of the time the website is viewed as a failed investment.  To paraphrase, the most common assessment is, “We spent all this money on it, and we have not idea how it’s contributing to our success.”

The role of the website is changing, however.  The days of the “online business card” website are long gone; a website needs to be much, much more than simply a page with your logo, address, and phone number.

Your website can be the central hub for all the content you create – the way you communicate to search engines: (1) who you are, (2) what you do, (3) where you do it, and (4) for whom you most commonly do it.  But it can also be a primary way that potential customers begin a relationship with you.