Happy GA4 Eve – Let the GA4 Panic Begin

Today is the Last Day Google's Universal Analytics -- If You've Ignored the Warnings it May be Time to Panic


Today is the Last Day of Google UA, & the First Day of the GA4 Panic for Many

Sunset of Google UA is upon us! For those many who’ve completely ignored Google’s preparation, let the GA4 Panic begin! Here’s what to do…

If you’re like, “What?!  Google Analytics is shutting down?!” you can catch up with this previous article:

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The whole thing is kind of like Y2k back in 1999, except this is a REAL PROBLEM!

What the Sunset of Google Universal Analytics Means

Your existing historical data is safe (for now).  UA is still going to be accessible.  Sunset of Google UA means your existing account just stops collecting new data today (June 30th, 2023).

The sunset of Google Universal Analytics has been scheduled for well over a year.  And in some cases, Google has pro-actively created a GA4 account FOR you; and you simply need to deploy the tracking code on your website.


Problems This Presents for Most Small Businesses

Most small business owners, and even most professional marketers are not experts on Google Analytics, let alone GA4.  So this transition can be a source of GA4 panic.

The two platforms are completely different.  GA4 represents a next-generation replacement for Universal Analytics.  They work differently.  They track user engagement differently.  And as a result, the data from UA does NOT transfer to GA4.

Many of us are used to watching and reporting our UA data in certain ways.  And that isn’t going to work exactly the same going forward.  So existing reports and “the way we’ve always done it,” is getting SEVERLY disrupted.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t anticipated the sunset of Google UA and you’re among those caught up in the July 1st GA4 panic, you have some work to do — or risk being blind as to what’s happening on your website.

Worse yet, if YOU’RE blind, SO IS GOOGLE.  And when Google doesn’t KNOW you, they don’t SHOW you.

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Without access to your website data, everything else you’re doing on Google — such as Google AdWords — becomes “dumber.”

Google has gone “all in” on its new Generative AI and it’s letting that AI do a lot of the work of connecting you with potential customers.  Without analytics data, that AI is working with one arm tied behind it’s back.

How We Can Help

To avoid GA4 panic, we started preparing our clients for the sunset of Google UA and the transition to GA4 nearly 18 months ago.  Over the course of that effort, we’ve developed a checklist of tasks that positions your business to:

  1. Keep collecting data
  2. Utilize all the new features of GA4 to your benefit
  3. Be able to compare new data that starts collecting July 1st, 2023 with your historical data

If you’re wondering if you’re prepared for the sunset of Google UA and the launch of GA4, or if you’re absolutely sure you’re NOT prepared — we can help.  Just schedule time with our team and we’ll make sure a member of our GA4 transition team is on the call to ask all the right questions.

The initial consultation is free and you’ll have no obligation going forward.  It’s our way of investing in you BEFORE you invest in us.  If we answer your questions and you’re comfortable moving forward on your own, that’s OK.  If you decide you need more of our help, we’ll prepare a plan and budget for your approval.

Regardless, make sure you subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter about Local Marketing, and check out more articles like this on our Local Marketing Blog.

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