What a Modern Digital Marketing Agency Does

How You Can Grow Your Business with the Right Digital Marketing Agency as a Partner


Can Your Business Benefit from Having a Digital Marketing Agency as a Partner?

If you’re trying to grow a business of any size, whether it’s a start-up or a century-old family business, this kind of question can seem really daunting. And maybe you’ve gone down this path before, and it wasn’t successful — so you’re apprehensive.

Let’s try to demystify what a modern digital marketing agency does, so that you can tackle the answer more confidently.

The Purpose of Any Marketing Agency

You might consider an agency partner just to simplify your life, or because of outsourcing efficiencies, or a host of other reasons.  But it’s really just about growth.

At the end of the day, the only reason to partner with any digital marketing agency is growth.  Over the span of my 30+ year career as a professional marketer, when you really break it down, no one has ever hired me or fired me for any other reason.

It makes total sense.  Your business should grow in a profitable way as the result of any marketing, or that marketing should not continue long-term.

How To Tell a Good Potential Agency Partner from Bad

What’s the strategy?

We live in a time when technology is impacting the profession of marketing in profound and disruptive ways.  But tech for its own sake isn’t a strategy.  Any marketing strategy you undertake should be built on a foundation of sound marketing theory.

How’s the team?

Marketing is an art and a science.  We’ve discussed this here in the Source Local Marketing Blog before.  You need technologists AND creatives.  Make sure your partner has both.

People matter.  You want passionate people who love what they do and live for the challenge of growing your business.  You want them to take it as seriously as you do.

What’s the culture?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Almost always true.  Same when you’re considering any potential digital marketing agency.

Especially in the post-pandemic environment, nothing is assured.  And the true promise of the digital revolution in marketing is that you can now test ideas before you go “all in” on them.

Your best partner will have a structured system for testing, tracking, and adjusting until you achieve the best possible marketing ROI before you begin scaling budgets.

What a Modern Digital Marketing Agency Really Does

Marketing any business, whether B2B or D2C, has become more and more complex over the last decade.  As a result, the classical definition of “advertising agency” is outmoded BIG TIME.

So what does a modern digital marketing agency really do that can help grow your business?

Today’s best professional marketers apply a sound, structured process to helping you build, test, and optimize an effective strategy to grow your business profitably — by knowing which technologies are right for you and how to integrate those technologies for success, implementing them seamlessly with the “art” of copy and images that motivate your prospect to take action, become an actionable lead for your business, and help you convert that opportunity into growth.

We Can Help

We live for this stuff.  It’s our passion, and it’s been our business for decades now.  We’ve navigated the transition from legacy media to today’s modern digital platforms, and we thrive on the challenge of growing businesses.

Let’s talk.  Schedule a free initial consultation with our team.  Or let us do a free audit where you stand today against your competitors.

But if you need more time, stay in touch by signing up for our free Local Marketing newsletter to learn more.

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Steven Ludwig
After 3 decades as a professional marketer, serial entrepreneur and business consultant Steven Ludwig shares his best practices for small business marketing for owners, managers, and marketers with limited time, money, and expertise. Steven started his professional marketing career in broadcasting in the early ‘90s in Chicago after attending Valparaiso University. After a brief stint at an advertising agency specializing in entertainment and sports marketing where he worked with radio and television stations, movie theatre companies, record labels, musicians, and professional sports teams, he moved to Nashville to form The Marketing Group with his long-time business partner, Jim Wood. Having worked with some of the largest brands in the world, in 2010 he returned to local marketing primarily out of an interest and excitement for working with small business owners to build stronger companies. That desire comes out of early days in radio, where he worked closely with everything from car dealerships to restaurants, insurance and real estate agents, banks, home services companies, and specialty retailers of all kinds. Over the past decade, he has been on the bleeding edge of digital marketing technology, constantly seeking to understand complex strategies employed by giant corporations and then translate those capabilities into tactics small businesses can execute at a local level. Today, in addition to other business ventures with his wife and other long-time business partners, he still lives outside Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee and currently serves as Executive Chairman of EmpowerLocal, a digital marketing company building a nationwide network of digital, hyperlocal news and lifestyle publishers to provide efficient advertising opportunities for local, regional, and national brands.


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