What Is A Google Performance Max Campaign

And Why Should I Be Using Google Performance Max?


What Is A Google Performance Max Campaign

One question that keeps coming up more and more often is, “What is a Google Performance Max campaign?”  The short answer is, the future.

We first mentioned in our recent article reacting to the keynote address at Google Marketing Live last month that Google made it VERY clear they see Performance Max as the future of advertising on the Google platform.

Read that article here.  But come back!

What’s Different About This Campaign Type

In the past, you’ve had to have separate campaigns for search, display, and video.  So the Performance Max campaign COMBINES all of these into a single campaign and budget.

You create an asset group that includes:

    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Headlines
    • Descriptions
    • Logos
    • Action Button

Then Google uses these assets to build ads on the fly based and show them across the entire Google platform (search, display, YouTube, Waze, Maps, Discover, etc.) whenever it feels it can generate your desired conversion action.

Conversion actions are typically a phone call, form fill at your website, engaging a chatbot, texting, e-mailing, etc.

At Google Marketing Live, Google estimated that Performance Max is generating an average of 14% greater results than other combinations of campaigns on the Google Ads platform.

Why You Should Be Using this New Campaign Type in Google Ads

Google Wants You To.  It’s often that simple; when you do what Google asks, they tend to reward you for listening.  We’ve seen it time and again.  When Google knows you and has great confidence in the information it has, it will show the hell out of you.

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What is a Google Performance Max campaign?  The best Google has to offer…  AND they’ve made it very clear this is where they are focusing their future development.  Get there first and get rewarded!

It Combines Budgets for Less Waste.  It’s tough to allocate your total budget across multiple campaigns and campaign types in Google Ads.  The great news about Performance Max is it allows you to set a single budget and give Google the flexibility to spend it where it can do the most good and drive marketing ROI.

Honestly, we didn’t like the earlier version of Performance Max because it didn’t solve this budget issue.  Now we like it a lot more!

What is a Google Performance Max campaign?  Efficient.  For both time and budget…

It Works Across the Entire Google Platform.  Let’s say you’ve got all your eggs in the search basket.  Often, even the best SEM campaigns can’t reach 100% of the search audience.  In fact, it’s estimated that searchers only click the ads as little as 10% of the time!

The Google Performance Max campaign type begins to solve this problem.  After that same person has searched and Google knows he, she, or they are in-market to purchase, Google can now continue to target your ads to that user until the desired outcome happens.

Many business categories also tend to be very SEM-heavy.  Meaning that advertisers tend to just bid against each other for leads.  This breaks you out of that cycle, at least partially.

Now you can talk to prospective customers who have demonstrated an interest in what you do as they move across all aspects of the Google platform.  Since most purchase decisions are rarely made “on the spot,” being able to stay in marketing communication far beyond that initial search gives you a great advantage.

What is a Google Performance Max campaign?  An advantage over your competitors…

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