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New Content Trends

Google is still the big dog for search, but YouTube is now the second-largest search engine and sites like Tik Tok and Pinterest are becoming go-to places for users to seek out information on all sorts of topics.  So today we’re sharing one of the new content trends — making video versions of blog posts.

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Why Simple Videos Make More Sense Than Ever

Consumers trust platforms like YouTube and Tik Tok to search for just about anything these days.  And for verticals like home decor, cooking, crafts, and other DIY projects Pinterest is often a first-stop for ideation.


Video is an Important New Channel for Content Distribution

If you’ve got a solid content-building strategy that includes frequent blog posts, that’s great.  But if you’re not using video as another channel to distribute the information you’ve created, you’re leaving something on the table.  That’s why video is one of the hottest new content trends.

Prioritize adding video over increasing the frequency of new content.  Some key things to remember:

Making Video is Easy Now.  Today’s technology makes it simple to create videos.  In their simplest form, you can make them with your phone.  And basic video editing is readily available without extensive training.  Video is a hot new content trend because it’s become very accessible for just about any business.

Fancier Isn’t Better.  You may be avoiding video because you can’t produce it with the quality you’d like within your budget.  Get over that.  Many of the most popular on-line videos aren’t highly-produced and, in fact, have terrible production values.  Consumers have proven time and time again they don’t care about that.  We’ve compared the performance of heavily-produced video (music, graphics, etc.) and simple, minimally-produced video — and we’ve found that the fancier the video, the worse it performs.

Make It Once, Use It 1,000 Times.  Once you make a video, you can distribute it over countless platforms.  Here is a short list of high-priority distribution for most of our clients:

    • YouTube
    • Google Business Profile
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Tik Tok

Take advantage of this important new content trend.  Make sure videos are consistent with your brand and overall image, but don’t obsess over the production values.  It’s more important that you HAVE videos and the information is USEFUL.  In short, don’t put form over function.

Get Free Advice About Video Content

If you’re struggling with the idea of adding video into your content strategy, we can help.  Schedule a free consultation with our team here.  And let us know what topics you’d like to cover.  We’ll make sure our in-house experts on that topic are on the call.

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