How Your 2024 Content Strategy Needs to Shift

The Source Local Marketing Blog Explores How 2024 Content Strategy is Shifting Based on Google Algorithm Changes

2024 Content Strategy

How Your 2024 Content Strategy Needs to Shift

Analysis of the latest Google algorithm changes is starting to yield some practical ways 2024 content strategy needs to shift for best success.

One of the most impactful recommendations is to focus on direct experience and unique expertise.

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Hone in on Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

Google has long issued guidelines for Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness they refer to as E-E-A-T.  Essentially, these talk about ways you should convey your direct experience and unique expertise in the content you create.

“Google is now placing high value content like testimonials, case studies, awards, licensing, and other content that demonstrates your experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness”

Examples of E-E-A-T

What are ways you can respond to these Google algorithm changes that place higher value on E-E-A-T content?

Testimonials.  Building customer testimonials into your blog content, and then rolling them out to social media and your Google Business Profile.  These can also incorporate a “best of” your reviews and ratings.

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Case Studies.  Incorporating photos and videos of projects/customers that demonstrate your expertise and experience give real-life examples of what you do, and give you a chance to show the “happily ever after” you create for customers.

Awards You’ve Won.  Any awards that recognize your outstanding performance from trade organizations, manufacturers, or local business organizations (chamber of commerce, better business bureau, etc.) make great blog content, and are great to then roll out to social media and your Google Business Profile.

Licensing & Accreditation.  Licenses you hold, accreditations you receive, and any other professional certifications make excellent reputation-driving content — and these are great content to then roll out to social media and your Google Business Profile.

The key is to think about all the ways you can leverage these types of content into your 2024 content strategy.

Google Algorithm Changes are Sweeping and More Frequent

As Google transforms all of its product platforms to rely more and more on its artificial intelligence, referred to as Generative AI, we expect Google algorithm changes to have greater impact on Search Engine Optimization SEO, and we expect updates to come much more frequently.


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