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Bullseye Digital Marketing Method

Source Local Media’s Local Marketing Blog explores our unique structure for executing new strategies over the first 90-120 days.

The Bullseye Method works like this:

OUTER RING: First 30 Days

We deploy test budgets on our most plausible combinations of targeting, messaging, and reach to assess what drives the best results.

We establish a first pass on the growth funnel and ROI visualizations.

MIDDLE RING: Days 31-60

We drop the non-performing strategies and concentrate on iterating what worked to find the optimal combinations of targeting and messaging for those.

We hone in on the details of the growth funnel and direct all energy at conversion actions that make you money.

INNER RING: Days 61-90+

We select the best combinations of targeting and messaging for the reach strategies that have out-performed.

We focus on reliable, repeatable execution and get into an ongoing pattern of analysis, recommendation, and iteration.