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Source Local Media’s Local Marketing Blog Explores the Topic of Digital Footprint from the Perspective of Small and Medium Businesses.

Every business has a digital footprint.  The question is whether or not you know what it really looks like, and whether or not it’s helping you or hurting you.  We developed the concept of digital footprint, loosely defined as everything a potential customer can find about you online, over the past decade.

There is no point executing marketing programs if your business is not digitally ready to receive incoming leads.  You’re wasting your money.  Everything your business will do to market itself relies on having a healthy, fully-functioning digital footprint that:

  1. Makes you easy to find when potential customers discover you;
  2. Immediately, clearly tells potential customers who you are, what you do, and why you’re the right match for them;
  3. Puts potential customers in charge of how they begin building a relationship with you and your brand.

If your business has very limited time, money, and expertise – focus exclusively on getting your digital footprint right before you look beyond that to other efforts.

The Basics of Digital Footprint

Digital footprint has four main components:

  1. Major Directories
  2. Search
  3. Social Media & Email
  4. Reputation & Reviews

These all work together to form the sum total of everything available about your business online, and they become the conduits through which people find you, how you differentiate yourself from competitors and explain your value proposition to prospective customers, and how potential customers begin and maintain and relationship with your business.