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Source Local Media’s Local Marketing Blog Explores Topics of Local Search, including Google My Business, Bing Places, & Apple Maps Connect.

In the pre-Google dayss, when consumers needed to find something they went to the yellow pages.  Today, yellow pages isn’t even really a thing anymore, but at that time it was an impenetrable castle from the standpoint of local marketing spend for small businesses.  Every business spent between a few hundred dollars a month and even tens of thousands of dollars a month to be the most found among its competitors in the yellow pages.

The modern-day version of the yellow pages is major directories, namely these:

  1. Google My Business®
  2. Apple Maps Connect®
  3. Bing Places®
  4. Yelp!®

And, depending on your business category, there can be some supplemental directories that are equally important, such as TripAdvisor® if your business relies on travelers as customers, or HealthGrades® if you are a licensed medical professional.