Some Marketing Truths are Universal

No Matter What Industry You're In, the Size of Your Business, or Any Other Excuse You May Try to Use


Some Marketing Truths Leave No Room for “If’s, And’s, or But’s”

We’re at the Data-Driven Salon Summit in Nashville this week, exploring marketing truths for hair salons and day spas.  But it turns out some truths are inescapable no matter whether you’re B2B or D2C, a small neighborhood enterprise or a global juggernaut, or just about anything else.

We spend time in cities all over the US and we’re starting to even do business internationally.  And as consultants we’re always met with some similar misconceptions:

My Market’s Different.  Everyone wants to believe that THEIR city is somehow unique to other cities.  It is.  Just not in the ways that matter most.

You Don’t Understand How This City Works.  Yes we do.  It’s not as tough to figure out as you’d like it to be.

Let’s debunk these myths.

Every Market Is Different, But Only to a Point

Yes.  There are different landmarks, sports teams, and even local foods and language that can give a city or a region its signature style.  Our cities are often “known for” all sorts of things that make them unique.

No.  When you get beyond these superficial differences, one city is not that different from the next.

We know this because everything from syndicated radio and television shows are the same from town to town.  YouTube, Netflix, and ESPN are all the same everywhere you go.  And while the layout of your Walmart might be different from mine, we’re both shopping for essentially the same items in the same store.

Marketing Theory Holds True Over & Over Again Because It’s Based on Human Psychology

It’s survived the Roaring ’20s, the Great Depression, World War II, the technological revolution, and it’ll survive whatever comes next.  People are people, as the song says.

And while the “how” continuously evolves, most recently with the advent of the smartphone and the proliferation of broadband Internet, the “what” has stayed largely the same for decades.  It’s one of the most universal marketing truths.

Customer Journey

Customer Journey Marketing Truths

However the Journey Progresses, the Underlying Theory Remains the Same

Awareness is created today by web search, rather than yellow pages (previous century).  Engagement today tends to be on-line via text, website, social media, etc. vs phone, mail, and in-person.

While the “how” is arguably evolving faster than it ever has, the underlying psychology behind the “what” is steadfast.  Potential customers become aware of you, they show interest by engaging, they evaluate the value you create, and once they purchase they develop loyalty (or not) based on the overall experience with your brand.

We Can Help

If this evolution is confusing you.  If you’re not sure what’s truth and what’s not.  If you have questions and just want some honest answers, we can help.

One of the underlying principles on which our company is founded is leading with education.  We are always happy to schedule a free initial marketing consultation.

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