Our Biggest Prediction for 2024 Marketing Trends

Our Biggest Prediction for 2024 Marketing Trends May Surprise You Because it has Nothing to do with Generative AI or Other Buzzworthy Ideas


Our Biggest Prediction for 2024 Marketing Trends

Everyone is making predictions for 2024 marketing trends, and while most will involve hot trends like the impacts of AI and machine learning, ours is a bit more practical.  Forbes is already out with its own list, and it’s all the flashy ideas you’d expect.

And while it’s based in economics, it’ll have little to do with the economy going up, down, or standing still.  It has a lot to do with the supply and demand issues created by the 2024 presidential campaign.

No matter how you view it politically, it’s a safe bet that the 2024 presidential election will have far-reaching implications on a number of fronts.  But we believe it will have a profound impact on local marketing and 2024 marketing trends.

Presidential Elections Create Short-Term Supply Problems for Legacy Media

Especially in swing states, local television, radio and other media are completely sold out with ads from candidates and special interest groups.  In fact, audiences report severe fatigue when all the ads become about candidates and election issues.

But for local advertisers, this creates an even greater problem.  When audiences have a negative attitude about the ads they’re hearing, and you can’t buy ads from your normal sources, what do you do to get your advertising message out there?

This Shortage Will Drive More Local Advertisers to Digital

Our biggest prediction for 2024 marketing trends is that local advertisers, faced with shortages of traditional media to buy, will seek out digital solutions in even greater numbers.

That will have the effect of accelerating the shift from legacy to digital media.

3 Ways You Can Benefit from This Trend

As these 2024 marketing trends unfold, there are 3 easy ways you can take advantage of the shift:

  1. Avoid the clutter and audience fatigue of traditional media and focus more on content-driven marketing.  This takes your value proposition straight to the people searching for businesses like yours.  And a great content strategy can have much more long-lasting impact than a single, short-term ad campaign.
  2. Take this opportunity to focus more energy on digital display advertising, and take advantage of its superior ability to target your best prospects and avoid waste.
  3. Concentrate on improving your tracking and reporting capabilities so that your entire marketing spend becomes more accountable in the coming year.

You Control Your 2024 Trends

What do you want your 2024 marketing trends to be?  Let’s chat about that.

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