Marketing Formula 101: Audience Re-Marketing

Making Sure You Share Your Messaging Often Enough


The Key Role of Audience Re-Marketing

After Targeting and Messaging, the third major component of our Basic Marketing Formula considers media reach.  This latest post in our Marketing Formula 101 series explores one aspect of reach in greater detail.  Re-marketing to achieve greater media frequency is so important, we broke it out into its own segment of the series.

As you’re achieving reach via your media plan, one key aspect is the use of re-marketing in your strategy.  Consumers rarely act on a single impression.  In fact, it takes a minimum of 3 impressions just to convey the basics of your marketing message.  And it can take upward of 50-100 impressions before engagement is achieved.

Media Frequency Matters

Just look at some of the largest brands in the world and consider how often you see or hear the core branding message over and over again.  Here are some brands you probably encounter multiple times every day:

  • AT&T
  • McDonald’s

These brands understand the concept of media frequency.  One of the most common mistakes in marketing plans is buying too little media, or spreading your media across too many channels to be effective.

We believe in frequency so much, we give re-marketing its own budget line item in all of our media plans.

How Re-Marketing Works to Create Frequency

We find over and over again that prospects don’t tend to become actionable leads until at least the 2nd visit to our clients’ websites.  So we use re-marketing to stay in front of actively interested prospects.

We’ve found that it can take up to 10-12 more impressions to get that 2nd visit.  How do we get those additional impressions?

Once any prospect visits the website, we add that person into a re-marketing audience and continue to target them more intensively with all of our campaigns.  Even in the age of banned 3rd-party cookies and other protections, our first-party data methods allow successful engagement for better ROI.

How Media Frequency Fits In With the Overall Marketing Formula

As you consider media strategy and achieving the necessary frequency, realize it’s only 1 element in our basic marketing formula:


Once you know who you want to talk to; what you want to say to them; how, where and when to say it to them for best results; and you’ve established solid media frequency through re-marketing – it’s time to make sure you’re tracking everything so you can know what’s working and what’s not.  We explore that further in this related post.

Here is a quick reference to all the posts in this Marketing Formula 101 series:





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We Invest In You Before You Invest In Us

If you’d like to talk more about our Basic Marketing Formula, we’re always happy to schedule a free initial marketing consultation.  Or connect with us in whatever way works best for you.

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