How To Get Better Advertising Results

Here's a Little Hope for Everyone Who Feels Beaten Up, Disappointed, & Frustrated with Marketing Right Now and Needs Better Advertising Results


Need Better Advertising Results?

No one would ever say NO to better advertising results.  But how?  Advertising spending is growing at 6.3% annually, but advertiser satisfaction is dropping.  You’re not alone if that’s your own experience.

Today we explore how to get better advertising results in 3 steps:

  1. Measure First
  2. Remove Obstacles to Success
  3. Don’t Give Up

Let’s explore each step to better results in more detail.

You Can’t Manage What You’re Not Measuring

Carpenters live by the adage, “measure twice, cut once.”  And if you’re not measuring the outcomes of your advertising efforts, you’re making it really hard to know where better results can be found.


The beauty of this age of digital marketing is that we can measure almost everything.  But we’ve found over the years that one of the most valuable measurements for making better advertising decisions is failure.

Knowing where the customer journey is dead-ending can tell you a lot about where to find better advertising results.

  • Where are website sessions ending?
  • Where are carts being abandoned?
  • Which landing pages convert, versus which landing pages don’t?

These measurements of WHERE the customer abandons you point you toward where to look for WHY customers abandon you.  And that’s where improvement can be found.  We call this your growth funnel.

Remove Obstacles to Success

Once you know WHERE your advertising most frequently fails to create a new customer, you can put yourself in the shoes of that potential customer and examine WHY the process stopped.

“Turn your wounds into wisdom”
– Oprah winfrey

Most often, advertising fails to convert when we create too many obstacles for customers to become customers.  Or potential customers end up somewhere they don’t expect…  Or we “asked customers to marry us” when they’re not ready yet, and we didn’t give them the option to “keep dating” us instead…

Oprah Winfrey is famous for the saying, “Turn your wounds into wisdom.”  This is another way of saying, “Work Smarter.”  And that’s the underlying theme here.

Whenever you see a point in your customer journey where you know you should be getting better results, try different tactics and measure for improvement.

Success is Almost Always Preceded by Failure

Most marketers give up just when they’re on the precipice of success.  In a world that expects instant gratification, better advertising results often requires patience, persistence, and a structured approach.

The Bad News First.  Like almost everything else, advertising just doesn’t work the same way today as it did even 10 years ago, and certainly different than 20 years ago.  If you’re lucky enough to have a business that’s been around that long, it makes sense that your “tried and true” tactics may not be working nearly as well, or even at all.

Now the Good News.  There is a way to achieve better results.  You just have to be willing to take steps like these to go about it in an orderly way.  And the digital environment offers you ways to experiment to find the right strategies with lower risk.  That way, you don’t blow your whole budget on anything that hasn’t proven it will work.

Most of our clients have great businesses that are just stuck.  We find what’s got them hitting the wall, and help them determine whether they need to go up, over, or around the wall to get back to better results.

And Hard Work on the Front End Helps, Too

We would argue that the number one path to better advertising results is simply better planning on the front end.  Or ANY planning at all.

If you feel unorganized, you probably are.  Here is our latest free marketing workshop, 3 Reasons Advertising Fails & How To Avoid Them.

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After 3 decades as a professional marketer, serial entrepreneur and business consultant Steven Ludwig shares his best practices for small business marketing for owners, managers, and marketers with limited time, money, and expertise. Steven started his professional marketing career in broadcasting in the early ‘90s in Chicago after attending Valparaiso University. After a brief stint at an advertising agency specializing in entertainment and sports marketing where he worked with radio and television stations, movie theatre companies, record labels, musicians, and professional sports teams, he moved to Nashville to form The Marketing Group with his long-time business partner, Jim Wood. Having worked with some of the largest brands in the world, in 2010 he returned to local marketing primarily out of an interest and excitement for working with small business owners to build stronger companies. That desire comes out of early days in radio, where he worked closely with everything from car dealerships to restaurants, insurance and real estate agents, banks, home services companies, and specialty retailers of all kinds. Over the past decade, he has been on the bleeding edge of digital marketing technology, constantly seeking to understand complex strategies employed by giant corporations and then translate those capabilities into tactics small businesses can execute at a local level. Today, in addition to other business ventures with his wife and other long-time business partners, he still lives outside Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee and currently serves as Executive Chairman of EmpowerLocal, a digital marketing company building a nationwide network of digital, hyperlocal news and lifestyle publishers to provide efficient advertising opportunities for local, regional, and national brands.


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