Google Ad Prices are Quietly Changing

Why are Google Ad Prices Going Up? How to Lower Google Ad Prices.


How Google Ad Prices Work

If you’ve always wondered how Google ad prices get determined, you’re not alone.  At its essence, Google AdWords is an auction.  But not entirely…

Over the years bits and pieces of truth emerge, even as speculation runs wild.  It’s an auction, but Google “balances” the auction parameters in ways to maximize customer satisfaction.  So on the one hand, they won’t take a higher price from an advertiser with poor outcomes JUST to make the extra money.  In theory, Google will take less money from a higher-quality advertiser who delivers a better experience for the searcher.

Why Google Ad Prices Have Quietly Changed

A recent article by confirmed what is often speculated about Google’s pricing — namely that they increase minimum bids in order to reach or exceed their revenue projections.  Some see this as a revelation.  We’re kind of like, “Duh?!”

It’s Google’s auction and they get to set the reserve price for any ad impression.  But advertisers are right to expect transparency.

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Unfortunately, these kinds of disclosures just feed speculation and don’t make for great optics about Google’s pricing strategies.  But Google isn’t doing this out of the goodness of its heart; it’s a business.  Of course they want to maximize revenue and profit!

I’ve often equated a lot of their “helpful” features as the equivalent of giving the fox the keys to the henhouse.  I think you get what you deserve if you’re “automating” bidding and other elements of any SEM campaign.


“I’ve often equated a lot of their ‘helpful’ features as the equivalent of giving the fox the keys to the henhouse.  I think you get what you deserve if you’re ‘automating’ bidding and other elements of any SEM campaign.”

How to Lower Google Ad Prices

If you’re experiencing higher Google ad prices, there ARE things you can do.  In fact, you can schedule time with our team for a free consultation about it.  It’s one way we invest in potential customers before they invest in us.

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Number-one on the list of action items is upgrading from standard Search Engine Advertising (SEM) to the new Google Performance Max campaign type.

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Especially for customers in the types of businesses that over-rely on Google AdWords and other Search Engine Marketing, Performance Max has often lowered lead costs significantly.  We’ve seen reductions of as much as 90% in per-engagement cost.

You can also concentrate on improving the quality of your ads and the customer experience at your landing pages.  Google prefers to see focused content that relates exactly to what the searcher is seeking, and simple calls to action without a lot of hoops to jump through.

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